March Third Thursday

Thursday, March 19, 2015

5:00 - 8:00 PM

Summerville DREAM is having a night of music this month.  


 Come hear the Blues, Rock and Pop by the W.M. Freund Duo.  They’ll be out on Short Central to entertain you while you walk along the charming cobblestone street.  


   W.M. Freund Duo at Summerville DREAMs Third Thursday Downtown SummervilleFaith Schueler at Summerville DREAMs Third Thursday Downtown Summerville


Walk on over to the Summerville Dorchester Museum at 100 East Doty Avenue and hear the beautiful singing of Faith Schueler with her Ukulele.


The Cowboy Church Band 'Chance' is a 4-piece band that plays Country, Bluegrass and Gospel, will be playing in Hutchinson Square.



                                                        Stono will play their soulful, grooving, rock style music too.  



You will find The Hot Shots, a charming 3-piece band, in front of People, Places and Quilts.








Behind Guerin's Pharmacy there will be Fleming Moore and His Podunk Band.  


The Summer House at 117 W. Luke Avenue, near the railroad tracks, will host the Summerville High School Green Wave Steel Drum Band.


The Community Christian Store at 118 E. Richardson Avenue will celebrate their 15th year anniversary and will honor it by having Jack and Debra Kenna sing Old Show Tunes and Worship music at the store.


Besides having many divergent sounds in Downtown Summerville this evening, there are also a number of boutiques to visit and a varying array of restaurants to choose from.  Let's meet there from 5:00 - 8:00 PM.