June Third Thursday

June Third Thursday

Summerville DREAM Third Thursday Shaggin in the Streets June 19, 2014 5pm-8pm

Come on out and have some fun with 'Shaggin in the Streets'.  Doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or not, this is fun!  Tap your foot to the music and join in with other novices, experts or people who are merely familiar with the dance.  The perfect DJ for the night  will be Gerry Scott  who will put you in the mood to dance.  Don’t be surprised if the person next to you shares the dance movements with you.  

Music/Band Location
W.M. Fruend Duo (in front of) Summerville Town Hall
The Charleston Hot Shots (in front of) People, Place, & Quilts at 129 W. Richardson Ave.
The Stono Duo (behind) Guerin's Pharmacy
Steven Hurst Eat/Sleep/Play at 140 W. Richardson Ave. 
Nick Cokins Summerville/Dorchester Museum at 100 East Doty Ave.
Danny Taylor Short Central

Come see the Flowertown Players who will entertain us with a short performance in front of Town Hall.  We will also have the Flowertown Underground ith their 'Black Hat Trilogy" which is part improv, part sketch, part stand-up and super-fun-good-times.  You'll find them on Short Central.


Third Thursday is always a good time and this time you get to join in the entertainment.  Walk along the quaint streets of Downtown and shop in the unique shops or have dinner at one of our fantastic restaurants. Come and enjoy the music, the dancing, the fun and the Town!